Tesla – a great inventor and pacifist

Tesla – a great inventor and pacifist

Nikola Tesla is the most famous inventor in the field of electronics and radio engineering. Presently everybody also associate Tesla with a model of an electric car.

But Nikola’s scientific research was not limited to experiments with electricity. According to Popular Science, the of the inventor’s US patent from 08.11.1898 has been found.

The patent is registered for unmanned military aircraft. The technical characteristics of the invention relay that this unmanned military aircraft will have such a tremendous destructive power that their very existence will put an end to all wars on Earth. The patent was discovered by Matthew Schroier, an engineer from the United States, and is called “Method of and apparatus for controlling mechanism of moving vessels or vehicles.”

The essence of the invention is that any apparatus (device) can be controlled by means of pulses (radio waves). The inventor considered it necessary to use them to deliver goods to hard-to-reach areas, that is, for peaceful purposes. Tesla emphasized the military purpose of his invention as follows:

“The guaranteed and limitless destructive potential of my invention will allow us to establish and maintain eternal peace among peoples.”

As reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta: “in this regard the famous scientist was mistaken”.

It should be highlighted that it was Nikola Tesla who predicted the appearance of unmanned aerial vehicles, the first of which began to be created during the First World War. This machine was called the Kettering Bug; it is considered to be the forerunner of modern cruise missiles. Fortunately, the great invention of Tesla was not used in this war, since they did not have time to finish construction.

As noted by Popular Science, there is a much more destructive technology on Earth that frightens the whole world – the “Oppenheimer’s grim child” (the atomic bomb).

The author of this article very much hopes that the power of Oppenheimer’s grim child will be used, as Tesla would want, only for peaceful purposes.

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