"DobroZnak" was created in 2015 by a group of like-minded people. We-young enthusiasts decided that the world lacks "Good", especially in the world of "legal services in the field of law"
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From where the business begins?

We are positive, that any burgeoning entrepreneur wondered about that. Establishing a company, promoting it on the domestic, or even international market — these are the critical sides of any successful business. Yet, this is not the beginning. As you may have already realized, at the very beginning of any venture lies —

An idea!

We consider the idea an origin of all. The greatest discoveries in any chosen area of activity starts with an idea. Scientists, travelers, researchers, astronauts, — all were driven by an idea. Business is no exception. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg — the most known personalities, driven to the top of the Forbes’ magazine “World’s Billionaires” list from a garage shop or a college-sized social network. Everyone is driven by an Idea!

Our company makes the idea a priority on the “burgeoning entrepreneur list”. We understand, that a sole idea is not enough to  place you on the same level as the founder of Apple. This is our cue! We consider it our duty to assist an entrepreneur in overcoming “the first layers of the atmosphere” on the course to a successful business, driven by an idea! Dream about the future, and leave the routine to us!

Our competitive advantages:

  • Fair rates;
  • Transparent pricing;

Responsiveness to customer inquiries. (It’s a company rule to reply to any customer within 1–2 hours. If we determine that your case takes more time, we will inform you to the effect. Our management is very strict in upholding said rule).

If you could not reach us, you may leave a message via the feedback form, and our specialist will reply within the next few business hours.

Help to companies to Protect their Intellectual Property (IP)

Help to companies to Protect their Intellectual Property (IP)

DobroZnakЪ LLC glad to inform you, that in this "hard", but interesting Time, we are decided to help to Russian and International companies to Protect their Intellectual Property (IP).