Trademarks (brands, brands, logos and etc.)

  Search before filling of application of TM5-8 works daysfrom 23.000 ₽
Preparation and filling a trademark application1-2 works daysfrom 27.000 ₽
Support to «hard application»? ₽
Preparing and filing an international trademark applications3-5 works daysfrom  45.000 ₽


Preparing and filing applications of COMPUTER PROGRAM, DATABASE3-5 works daysfrom 25.000 ₽
Preparing and filling papers to Russian Register of THE COMPUTER PROGRAM15 works daysfrom 117.000 ₽


License Agreement, Franchise, Coexisting Agreement and etc.5-8 works daysfrom 37.000 ₽


Preparation and / or legal expertise contacts of the results of the Copyright and Related Right ( a License Contracts, a Contract for the alienation of an exclusive right), an Author`s Order Contract, a Publisher’s License Contract and etc.5-7 works daysfrom 37.000 ₽
Depositing objects5-7 works daysfrom 23.000 ₽

The Court / Federal Antimonopoly Agency /Chamber for Patents Disputes 

The preparation of the claim, preparation answer by the claim on pre-court stage of the dispute5-7 works daysfrom 37.000 ₽
The preparation of the claim / response on the claim during the court proceedings7-10 works daysfrom 57.000 ₽
Preparing and filling the claim for the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Agency / response of such claim7-10 works daysfrom 117.000 ₽
Preparing and filling the Objection to the Chamber for Patents Disputes of the Russian Patent Office7-10 works daysfrom 117.000 ₽
Taking a part in the court hearing1 works daysfrom 37.000 ₽
Help to companies to Protect their Intellectual Property (IP)

Help to companies to Protect their Intellectual Property (IP)

DobroZnakЪ LLC glad to inform you, that in this "hard", but interesting Time, we are decided to help to Russian and International companies to Protect their Intellectual Property (IP).