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Examination of your logo (word, image) before filing an application with the Russian Patent Office. Selection of necessary goods and services. Trademark registration. Competitor trademark monitoring through the Russian PTO database.

A trademark is a designation (word, image, combinations thereof) serving for individualizing your company, goods, and business in general. This designation is intended to reflect the philosophy of your activities, favorably differ them from competitors and attract the attention of potential customers.

Why register a trademark?

Trademark registration provides a unique advantage on the market, consisting in the fact that nobody will be able to fake your goods or services unpunished. Also, it provides confidence that your business is protected from unfair competitors. When you have a registered trademark, you may sleep tight.

What does it take?

Comprehensively fill in the feedback form;

After receiving your request, our specialist will answer to your questions, and advise you regarding the costs and timeframes of your case;

Also, it is required to draft a contract, forward any necessary documentation and set oneself up for fruitful cooperation (after all, the positive end result of your case depends on it).


Firstly, we conduct a trademark search in the Russian Patent Office database. Further, we are filling a trademark application and file the papers with the PTO, which examines the application and the originality of your trademark. Should the procedure be successful, in a year you will receive the trademark certificate. It will be valid for 10 years with the possibility of multiple extensions.

Output of our work

The final result our work is a state certificate of trademark registration, which guarantees the following privileges:

  • Ability to monopolistically utilize your designation in any legitimate way. You will be able to mark your goods with a registered designation, without fear that your competitors may «steal your idea»;
  • Total protection of your business from unfair competitors, with the right to take legal actions with the regulatory bodies regarding the infringement of your IP. In case of court proceedings or other case inquiries, absence of the certificate automatically makes your position a losing one;
  • Availability of opportunities for development and expansion of your business through franchising and international registration of trademarks. Only a registered trademark allows to develop your business overseas, or expand it via dealership networks inside the country;
  • Whole 10 years without worries that any day a «clone company» may appear, taking your clients, your idea, and depriving you of business!

Fees and pricing

Our prices are listed in ”Price of services“. The final cost will be determined by our specialist after an analysis of your case and documents sent via the feedback form.

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    Help to companies to Protect their Intellectual Property (IP)

    Help to companies to Protect their Intellectual Property (IP)

    DobroZnakЪ LLC glad to inform you, that in this "hard", but interesting Time, we are decided to help to Russian and International companies to Protect their Intellectual Property (IP).