“Yes!” to new cigarette packs in the US

“Yes!” to new cigarette packs in the US

According to pravo.ru, the largest US tobacco companies have won a trial related to cigarette pack design.

Imperial Brands, Reynolds American Inc. and Altria Group won the trial regarding a directive that obliges manufacturers to preliminarily approve any intentions to change the appearance of a cigarette pack with regulating bodies.

The dispute arose because of the directive of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In accordance with the “Law on Tobacco Control” of 2009, the Direcrive requires tobacco companies to obtain permission to change the design of a pack of cigarettes (either colouring or a logo).

The US District Court in Washington cancelled that obligation, but retained the duty to inform the regulator of the change in the number of cigarettes in a pack.

In May of 2016 a law, according to which tobacco companies are obliged to sell packs in a “unified pack” without bright markings and logos, came into effect in the UK. This decision was made due to the fact that Her Majesty’s authorities want to reduce the consumption of tobacco products in the country and prevent the emergence of a new generation of smokers.

In turn, tobacco companies British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco International tried to challenge the British government in court. According to manufacturers, these measures violate their property rights and the EU law on trademarks, as well as deprive firms of their recognizable brands without any reparation.

The High Court of London, in turn, rejected the plaintiffs’ claims.

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Help to companies to Protect their Intellectual Property (IP)

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