Examination of your logo (word, image) before filing an application with the Russian Patent Office. Selection of necessary goods and services. Trademark registration. Competitor trademark monitoring through the Russian PTO database.

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Computer program, data base

Software is an aggregate of data and commands presented in an objective form and intended for the operation of a computer and other computer apparatus for the purpose of obtaining a certain result, including the preparatory materials produced in the course of elaboration of the computer program, and the audiovisual representations generated thereby.

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Corporative Law

We understand that intellectual property is not the only field of law. That`s why our specialists are prepared to help you out during the whole process of establishing your business: company registration, opening a corporate bank account, etc.

We are also prepared to advise any currently operating company, faced with a necessity to draw up or to conclude a complex contract. Perhaps, you are required to challenge a claim regrading a conclusion of a contract, or to file a claim with the court or the anti-monopoly service.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of  situations, potentially facing a business. We are prepared to analyze any case; if unable to resolve it ourselves, we will try to help you by recommending companies or specialists, prolific in a specific field of inquiry.

Fees and pricing

Our prices are listed in ”Price of services“. The final cost will be determined by our specialist after an analysis of your case and documents sent via the feedback form.