Do it on time, or how important it is to comply with deadlines!

Proceedings in the case between the Essen Production AG Company (hereinafter – “Essen”), owned by Leonid Baryshev and Vadim Makheev against the Kazan Oil and Fat Plant (hereinafter –“Kazan Plant” or “KFP”) about the infringement of rights for a well-known trademark “Майонез Махеев” (Mayonnaise Makheev) started in the year 2010.

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Every second (and even split second) counts!

VMG Salsoul LLC filed a lawsuit against the singer Madonna. The cause for such action was the use of 0.23 seconds from the composition “Love Break” by the band Sasloul Orchestra in Madonna’s track “Vogue”. The plaintiff considered that this was a violation of his copyright, due to which Madonna received illicit profits from using this fragment in her song. The suit also stated that the current producer of Madonna had previously worked on the composition “Love Break”.

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